Case Study:- Profiling: Various Bluetooth Stack for PSoC62 Platform

The objective of the project is to perform profiling of Zephyr Bluetooth stack and Infineon BTSTACK with respect to pre-defined Key performance areas like memory usage, latency, throughput, various BLE features etc. on PSoC6 EVK. As a final outcome in-depth reports needs to be generated with objective data of comparison.

PSoC62 min

Key Highlights


Profiling involved 26 apps on two platforms with 72 binaries


In-depth 40-page platform comparison report


Ensured an apple-to-apple comparison


Detailed build and user guides were created

| Engibrains’ Contribution

Segments We Worked On


  • 26 applications developed on two platforms involved 72 binary generations and multiple executions for accuracy.
  • A concise 40-page comparison report summarized the findings.
  • An apple-to-apple platform comparison, evaluating performance and functionality.
  • Repeated binary executions ensured data reliability.


  • Detailed build and user guides were prepared for developers.
  • The profiling data informs platform selection and optimization.

| Technologies Used

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  • C

Platform OS

  •  PSoC62 EVK (CY8CPROTO-062-4343W EVK)
  • Zephyr


  • Eclipse
  • ModusToolbox IDE
  • DSO
  • Keithley DMM

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