Embedded Hardware Engineering

Our high-speed board design team is capable to own all phases of the HW life cycle: Schematic Design | Layout | BOM Optimization | Prototype Bring-up | Certification | Managed Mass Manufacturing | Product Variant Management | Next-Gen Product Upgrade

Embedded Software Engineering

Our agile team uses optimum HW/SW resources to execute all phases of the SW life cycle: Architecture | Design | Development | Integration | Optimization | Bug fixing | Maintenance | Product Variant Management | Next-Gen Product Upgrade

Embedded Quality Engineering

Our team with an automation mindset capable to own all phases of the QA life cycle: Feature-set understanding | TestPlan Dev. | TestCase Implementation & Execution | Automation Framework Implementation | Automation Dev. | TestReport Generation


Mission is to lead the market by 2025

  • To be in the top 25 company of India by 2025 for “Product Engineering” offering in the world of connected devices.


Vision is to Cultivate Leaders of Tomorrow

  • Building a platform for potential brains to cultivate leaders of the engineering ecosystem for tomorrow, which will also ensure career growth and wealth generation of an individual.

Core Values

Our Core Values - 5C

  • Company Wins Only If Customer Win
  • Continuous Value Addition
  • Consultative Approach
  • Customer Commitment
  • Clear Communication
  • Our Mission

  • Our Vision

  • Core Values



See what customers say about our engineering services

Startup of Automotive Domain , USA

Working at an agile fast-growing startup of Automotive Domain, it is critical to work with like-minded companies that not only have technical expertise but provide the support that is tailored to our ever-changing needs. Engibrains has been such a company that has been there from our early days and helped us to be the success that we are. I recommend them to anyone in need of engineering services and solutions.

VP of Engineering

NexGen Product Design Company , USA

I’ve worked with HK for over a decade. He and his Engibrains team are truly dedicated and committed to customer excellence. We have used their capabilities both as an extension to our own embedded engineering team and to provide full turnkey solutions. As an engineering resource, they have quickly integrated with our people and processes and they are great communicators. As a turnkey solution provider, they have a clear and concise development workflow that puts customer satisfaction first. They deliver what is promised. Having previously run an engineering design services company of my own, I know what it takes to perform at their level and appreciate their unique skills and capabilities. I absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for product development help.


Semiconductor manufacturing company , Germany

Really valuable to work with a team that does what they say they will. We have been working with members of the Engibrains team for several years to do a wide range of engineering and design tasks like HW Board Design, Prototype design, Embedded SW & Cloud App Development, and Regulatory and safety certification.  The experience we have had with the team has been exceptional. It has been really valuable to us to work with the team members of Engibrains to get done what we need to get done.

IoT Team Lead

AI-enabled microscopy systems Company , USA

We are a startup developing an innovative, yet complex platform that combines hardware, software, AI and cloud computing. In search for an effective, efficient and professional services we were introduced to HK and his team for embedded electronics and software services. It took a few brief virtual meetings to finalize SoW. Within a few months, and strictly adhering to the approved schedule and budget, our prototypes were completed and tested by the Engibrains team. We would certainly work with the professional and very capable Engibrains team for our future embedded systems work.


Cutting Edge IP Solution Provider Company , USA

The Engibrains team always provides appropriate technical solutions and support in a very timely manner that meets and exceeds our expectations. Customer First and Going Beyond are two of our cultural values. Therefore, finding a team who also lives these values ensured a great partnership for us.

Engineering Program Manager

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Our Work Process

Data science solutions for startup


Frame the Problem

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Collect the Data

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Process the Data

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Projects Completed

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Industries Covered

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Expert Scientists

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Trusted by innovative companies

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