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| Vision & Mission


Building a platform for potential brains to cultivate leaders of the engineering ecosystem for tomorrow, which will also ensure career growth and wealth generation of an individual.


To be in the top 25 companies of India by 2025 for “Product Engineering” offering in the world of connected devices.

| Core Values

Company Win Only If Customer Wins

EngiBrains Technologies will be successful only when the customer will be successful with their product. All the core values aim for the customer’s product success which is beyond the successful execution of the assignment.

Customer Commitment

We honor the commitment which we have signed with the customer. To fulfill customer commitments in a timely manner with quality is the first priority.

Continuous Value Addition

We give equal importance to customer experience along with successful execution because we believe that a long-term relationship can be established out of a good experience only. We put our conscious efforts to identify an opportunity to add values in whatever form we can to serve our customer.

Clear Communication

Clear communication is necessary for synchronization in a distributed environment, conflict-free business and building trust with the customer. At EngiBrains, processes are designed in a manner to motivate efficient communication practices and fine-tunes them as per the need of the customer and project.

Consultative Approach

We believe that we can provide the perfect solution to the customer only when we think like the owner of a product where our nickel and dime are spent. We spent quality time to understand all use cases, pain points, and targeted market so we can work as a consultant rather than a classical job executor.

| Work Culture


At Engibrains, we firmly believe in the 3W principle, where we want to cultivate a culture that can create a win-win situation for customers, company, and employees. The value system is at the foundation of the culture which motivates long-term relationships with our employees, the most valuable asset of the company.

We focus on a 10 points culture program at the organization which not only helps us to align with the 3W principle but also helps us in generating leaders of tomorrow. Our work culture is also aligned with our vision, mission, and core values to have streamlined execution.

1. Unity is the first priority

Unity is the foundation of a successful and sustainable team. As a company, we motivate all the moves which help us to be united as that will be our biggest strength.

2. Divine Intention

The divine intention is the seed of the biggest innovation that happens even in unfavorable conditions. This will inspire individuals to “think beyond yourself”, which helps us to live a purposeful life. Engineering minds who believe in the divine intention are welcome to join us.

3. Win-Win-Win(3W)

We make our decisions based on the 3W principle, where the customer, employer, and employee all three should win for the sustainable growth of the company. Maintaining a balance between the three is never easy, but our preference will be always there to respect the 3W.

4. Continuous improvement

(Asking the status quo/ Out of the Box Thinking) “If we are competitive today it doesn’t guarantee that we will be competitive tomorrow”. We continuously analyze ourselves to bridge the gap before it becomes a weakness for tomorrow.

5. Be agile and learn continuously

In today’s world, the only thing that is constant is change. In the business of cutting-edge technologies, we keep learning the upcoming trends to serve our customer with the latest and greatest techniques.

6. Empower individuals

At Engibrains, we first empower the employee and then expect the outcome. That will not only generate quality results but also ignite self-confidence in individuals.

7. Eyes & Ears Open for an Opportunity

We believe that every pain is an opportunity. Every individual is motivated to develop the acumen to identify an opportunity in respective functions.

8. Fail Fast to be successful

Unity is the foundation of a successful and sustainable team. As a company, we motivate all the moves which help us to be united as that will be our biggest strength.

9. Minimum Process overhead

We understand the significance of processes but at the same time want to make sure that processes should not create unnecessary overhead which steals the agileness of the organization.

10. Security, Re-usability and Scalability

These are the three important pillars to be the competitive and dependable shoulder of the customer in the world of IOT. Our design process makes sure that we take care of these concepts everywhere.

| Why Engibrains ?

We are a culturally rich company with a foundation in business ethics. Our Vision, Mission, and core values are aligned to make sure that the customer wins because we firmly believe that we will be successful only if our customers will. Apart from our fundamental core belief, our customers will experience the following benefit out of our services.

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Be focused on your core competencies

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Time bound delivery

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Reduce your operational and regulation liability

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Take benefit of time zone for faster delivery

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Get a fresh perspective for your product and services

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Leveraging our core capabilities

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Sharing a risk of ownership

| Founder & CEO

Harikrushna Sheth has started his career from ground zero as an embedded SW developer in 2006. He spent the first six years on the design & development of customer’s products and IP of the company. He has joined a startup as a core team member and has worn different hats of Senior technical lead, Project manager, Program manager, Operation manager, IP and Solution owner, Strategic Account Manager and Mentor. He was pivotal to build Embedded Software and QA verification/validation group at Volansys Technologies and has played a key role to grow the company from 20 to 350 employee during 6 years of span.

Harikrushna Sheth

CEO & Founder , Engibrains Technologies