Case Study:- Power Consumption Profiling of Alif E1 and E3

The objective of the solution is to do power profiling of the Alif E1 and E3 evaluation board. The power profiling needs to be done under various scenarios. The result of the power profiling must be accurate and reproducible. The objective is to leverage existing out of box demo code and existing Evaluation kit to perform this exercise.

alif power profile min

Key Highlights


Comprehensive power consumption report


Build guide to execute applications


Power usage insights for product enhancement

| Engibrains’ Contribution

Segments We Worked On


  • Identify diverse scenarios for current consumption measurement
  • Modify sample applications to assess various platform capabilities
  • Test scenarios including Simple loop, various power modes, CoreMArk, Keyword spotting, and automatic speech search engine.
  • An in-depth evaluation of the EVK platform’s performance


  • Prepared a comprehensive power consumption report.
  • Document a user guide and build guide for application execution.

| Technologies Used

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  • C
  • C++

Platform OS

  • Alif Dev Kit EVK
  • Linux


  • DSO
  • Keithley DMM
  • Keil
  • VSCode
  • ArmDS

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