Case Study: OTA Enabled Power Optimized Firmware Development of Bluetooth 5.1 Neckband(TWS)

A leading manufacturer of consumer electronic products, approached us to develop a Bluetooth 5.1 Neckband(TWS) device. We carried out the complete firmware development for both the charging case and the earbuds (excluding DSP programming), the implementation of Over The Air (OTA) firmware upgrade capability, and the crucial task of power optimization to ensure a battery life of at least 4 hours for the earbuds and 12 hours for the charging case.


Key Highlights


Firmware for the earbuds & the charging case


Low-power sleep modes, optimized data transmission


Secure OTA firmware updates implementation


Integration with Multiple Devices


Voice Assistance(Google/Alexa) Enabled

| Engibrains’ Contribution

Segments We Worked On


  • Complete firmware development of charger and buds both (excluding DSP programing).
  • Over the air firmware upgrade
  • Power optimization: Buds 4 hours + Charging case 12 hours


  • 100+ Test Cases Identified
  • Interoperability testing with multiple devices
  • Automated Test-suite development
  • Functional & Regression testing

| Technologies Used

Our Tech Stack will reduce your risk


  • Embedded C


  • RTOS
  • Qualcomm QCC30XX family

QA Tools

  • Digital Oscilloscope
  • High-end DMM
  • Hot Air Rework Station
  • Thermal Camera
  • Digital Microscope

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