Case Study: Mipi Camera Driver porting for Face Recognization Application

This project involve the driver porting of a MIPI camera module on the NXP i.MX8M Mini development platform. The camera module in question, the MT9M114, was provided by Foxlink and was to be integrated into the platform for video processing-intensive applications, particularly face detection.

mipi main

Key Highlights


Driver Porting of MT9M114 Camera Sensor


Driver Porting of Peripheral Components


Sample application development to use camera module

| Engibrains’ Contribution

Segments We Worked On


  • Driver Porting of MT9M114 Camera Sensor
  • Driver porting of peripheral surrounding camera module: IR-LED, Ambient light sensor, IR-Cut Filter.
  • Sample application development to use camera module with different configurations (peripheral configuration, video format, frame rate, color format)


  • Functional Testing of the camera module, drivers, and sample applications
  • Compatibility Testing with different video formats, frame rates, and color formats
  • Performance Testing especially in low light conditions and night mode
  • Reliability Testing of the camera module under prolonged usage

| Technologies Used

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  • C

Platform OS

  • NXP i.mx8M Mini
  • Yocto
  • I2cutils
  • gstreamer


  • MCUxpresso

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