Case Study: Custom Low Current & Voltage Measurement Platform

The client is a manufacturer of low-power devices that require accurate measurement of current and voltage consumption during operation. They needed a solution that could measure low current in the range of 1uA to 10mA with an accuracy of ±2µA and voltage up to 10V with 10mV accuracy. Additionally, they wanted the platform to capture 50 samples in a second and send the data to a PC over a USB interface for data acquisition purposes.

volt meter main

Key Highlights


Measurement Range: 1uA to 10mA


Measurement Range: up to 10V


Sampling Rate: 50 SPS


High speed USB connectivity for PC


PC based GUI application


Pelican Box ready solution

| Engibrains’ Contribution

Segments We Worked On


  • Analog & Digital Mixed Signal
  • 6 Layer Modular design
  • 67+ Electronic Components
  • Schematic & Layout design
  • BOM Optimization
  • Proto development & Bring-up
  • Test jig development
  • Enclosure Design & Integration


  • Firmware development to jump between low power modes
  • PC based application module to interact with custom measurement HW over USB
  • PC based GUI application to represent current, voltage, SNR & heatmap of platform along with graphical representation.

Pre-compliance & QA

  • EMI/EMC Pre-compliance
  • Test Cases identified & Automated scripts for key scenarios
  • Functional and regression testing for various measurement range of current/voltage.
  • Bug filing and report generation


  • Prototype batch
  • Pelican Box ready solution contains all HW & leaflet materials for out of box demo solution.

| Technologies Used

Our Tech Stack will reduce your risk


  • C
  • C++
  • QT designer

OS & Tools

  • ModusToolbox
  • Eclipse


  • USB
  • SPI
  • BLE

QA Tools

  • Digital Oscilloscope
  • High-end DMM
  • Hot Air Rework Station
  • Thermal Camera
  • Digital Microscope
  • High Precision Current Probe

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