Case Study: DIN-70121 Conformance Test Suite for EVCC leveraging TTCN Framework

The objective of the solution is to develop automated test suite for the EVCC (DC charging) to validate DIN 70121 conformance based on TTCN Framework. The DIN 70122 specification describe all the necessary test cases to be performed for the compliance. The counter part of EVCC (SECC) needs to be emulated so all the message event sequence can be exercised.

DIN Main

Key Highlights


241 Test cases validated as per DC charging DIN 70122 spec


Executed test suites multiple times across the cycle


Detailed execution logs & Packet capture dump generated


Reported issues along with debugging information

| Engibrains’ Contribution

Segments We Worked On

QA Task

  • 241 Test cases (DC charging DIN 70122 spec) interpreted & implemented in TTCN based automated test suite.
  • Executed test suites multiple times and generated artifacts (execution logs, Packet capture dump)
  • Reported issues along with debugging information and artifacts to the development team


  • Test Automation framework design and implementation
  • Detailed test case summary report

| Technologies Used

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  • C
  • C++
  • TTCN

Platform OS

  • Linux
  • Qualcomm PLC
  • AVR xxx


  • Eclipse
  • Titan-3(TTCN Plugin for Eclipse)
  • Maven

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