SDK Development

A Middleware with abstration for Application development

The Software Development Kit (SDK) is the standard component of every product platform. There are various objectives that can be achieved with the SDK and it depends on the business strategy of the platform. Following are some of the common objectives achieved by SDK.

1. SDK provides the application developer with a simplified abstraction layer where a developer-only has to digest a limited set of APIs and how to use them without worrying about what it internally does.


2. It provides common and standard API interface to achieve interoperability between devices.


3. It protect core business logic and algorithms while still allowing application developers to build applications based on the use case


4. It provides secure and authenticated access to the low-level resources of the platform.


5. Leverage the same platform for different purposes by simply providing different SDKs to manage different variants of the product


6. To manage licensing of IP easily by distributing in form of SDK.

As a part of SDK development, our team goes through the platform capability and objective of the SDK, then defines a set of APIs which can be exercised by the upper layer. When the set of APIs are already defined (e.g. standard specification, RFC) the team maps API functionality with the capability of the platform and then design a flow to achieve the functionality of the targeted API. We help our customers with all the phases of the SDK life cycle; define, develop, test, and maintain (bug fixing, optimization, new feature addition).

 SDK Life Cycle

SDK life cycle 3-01

 Our common SDK development categories where we help our customers to provide SDK development services.

Protocol stack development as per RFC

Standard specification as published by governing body

Abstraction layer defined by OEM for the end product manufacturer

Abstraction layer defined by semiconductor company for end product developer

Abstraction layer defined by company who sell platform as product

Introduce abstraction layer to support authentication and license management

Our Semiconductor Platform Capability


  • CC3200 Family MCU
  • CC2640 Family MCU
  • OMAP™ 4 Mobile Platform
  • OMAP™ 5 Mobile Platform
  • MSP430™ Family MCU
  • DM6446 Family SoC
  • DM365 Family Processor
  • Sitara™ AM335x Processors


  • i.MX 6 Family Processors
  • i.MX 7 Family Processors
  • i.MX 8M Family Processors
  • i.MX-RT600 Family Processors
  • JN51ULP Family MCU
  • KW41Z Family MCU
  • KW21Z Family MCU
  • PN7462 Family MCU


  • nRF52810 Family SoC
  • nRF52811 Family SoC
  • nRF52832 Family SoC
  • nRF52840 Family SoC
  • STM32 Family MPU
  • STM32 Family MCU
  • STM8 Family MCU
  • SPC5 Family MCU

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