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Our experienced team very well knows that the mobile application development for the embedded products is very different than classic mobile application development. The mobile application for embedded products requires tight integration with the connectivity interfaces like Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, 4G as well as the inbuilt peripherals like camera, mike, speaker, 9 DoF sensors, GPS, USB port, etc. Furthermore, it requires knowledge of the process flow of end device commissioning and provisioning.


The major objectives of mobile applications with the embedded product are to commission, configure, control and monitor end devices. In most of the use cases, it is necessary to exercise the functionality of specific peripherals. So it requires special handling for different OS versions and different makes of mobile handsets. It is very important to identify a set of mobile handsets and OS versions that need to be supported to cover the targeted customer segment. Before publishing iOS/Android applications, it also needs to go through the typical approval process flow for the embedded product-related applications. There are many cases where we can consider cross-platform for application development that help to reduce the cost of development and maintenance.

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