SDK / Stack Testing

The ecosystem of Embedded solutions covers a variety of domains. Every domain evolves with new technologies and new standards at a faster pace. The vendor provides a solution that needs to develop a new SDK and new SW Stack to support the upcoming technologies and standards defined by governing bodies. It is very important to test such SDK and SW stack thoroughly before they reach out to potential users. The solution which is not tested systematically creates a lot of issues during integration with the end customer solution. It is also very common that such a solution also needs to be tested across multiple platforms to prove interoperability.


We help our customers to develop automated/semi-automated test suites which verify the functionality of SDK/Stack against the specification defined. Our engineers having an embedded mindset digest the specification and define test cases that covers all the possible use case that come across when SDK/Stack going to integrate with application code. We also help to define and conduct interoperability testing for such solutions. In many cases, the governing body has also defined the testing acceptance criteria and primary test cases which need to be satisfied to certify the SDK/Stack. We also help our customers to perform pre-compliance as per the acceptance criteria and test cases defined by the governing body of the specification. Our team has knowledge of HW/SW which gives us an edge to digest the specification and perform testing across multiple platforms. Our team also has knowledge of multiple test framework and open source tool which helps to expedite the effort and quality of the testing. There are various utilities available on the Linux platform helpful to perform compliance and performance testing of various protocols and specifications.

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