Quality Buddy Integration

There are many off-the-shelf tools available in the marketplace which can be helpful to provide meaningful inside-of-code quality and testing coverage. Many of them are automation-friendly to integrate into CI/CD framework. That integration report regularly for violations in the quality. Our experts have the capability to identify such open source/paid tools and integrate that into CI/CD in a manner that gives meaningful insights into the quality of code and testing. In addition to that our automation engineers help customers to customize such quality buddy tools as per the need of the project. If needed automation engineers can also help to develop such quality buddy tools which suffice for targeted purposes to measure code quality and testing coverage without manual intervention.


There are many such quality buddy tools available off the shelf in the market and they are generally used for automated unit testing, coding guideline compliance checking, static code analysis, dynamic code analysis, testing code coverage analysis, dead code analysis, code documentation/commenting violations, Memory leak analysis, etc. This will share meaningful insight into quality which might be very hard to catch or require tedious manual efforts to spend. These kinds of tools provide such information to the developer/tester without much effort and they also save valuable time for reviewers.

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