Automated Test Suite Development

Embedded product engineering consist of tight integration of multiple SW and HW components, which needs to work across various scenarios under different environment. To ensure the product works well in all targeted use cases it requires testing across all possible combinations repeatedly. Manual testing is time-consuming and hard to scale. Considering the complex nature of the setup and the combination of SW and HW makes it difficult to automate testing. But our QA team possesses all the necessary knowledge that allows us to build a custom automation framework with semi-automated/fully automated test suites within a short time considering ROI.


It is very important to have larger test coverage, which requires same type of testing with different combinations. That will be cumbersome to achieve using manual testing. Our experts first identify an automation-friendly test-bed setup that covers various ready-to-use HW/SW modules to inject inputs and analyze the output of DUT. After that, the test framework needs to be defined to achieve all common functionalities with minimum code and maximum reusability. A solid base of test framework really expedites the data-driven test application development where the externally defined test case (in form of data) will drive the test execution flow. The last step will be to integrate the test automation in CI/CD so it keeps giving its fruit for a longer duration with minimal interference.

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