Embedded Quality Engineering

Comprehensive Quality Assurance Services

Engibrains has a unique QA team that performs test with an embedded product mindset. The QA team has enough experience to digest the Datasheet, manuals & specifications to define the behavior of DUT(Device Under Test). The QA engineers are well equipped with various analysis & monitoring tools like DSo, DMM, Logic analyzer, spectrum analyzer, function generator, protocol analyzer to validate the behavior of DUT. In addition to that our QA engineers have a good understanding of the connected device eco-system which enables them to perform necessary testing of IoT devices comprising of embedded HW, embedded SW, Cloud Solutions & Mobile App. All these capabilities help us to conduct white box & black box testing using manual & automated testing approaches.


Our Engineering team is well versed with the Testing Platforms like VectorCAST, jMeter, Monkeyrunner, Jenkins, TestRail, Quality Center, Python, C, C++, Appium, selenium, and Robot Framework to build test automation of all the components involved in the connected solutions.

Embedded Product Testing
SDK /  Stack Testing
Simulator Development
Automated Test Suite
Quality Buddy Integration

Why Engibrains ?

One Stop QA Shop

Our QA team has in-depth experience in connected product testing consists of Hardware, Firmware, Cloud, and Mobile application. The team has good knowledge of how to deal with connected embedded devices which is a key aspect of testing which is hard to expect from the team doing the classic non-embedded type of testing.

Automation mindset

We strongly believe that "Automated Testing" is the key to success for the embedded product engineering. The team has very good experience with fully automated and semi-automated test suite development.

Process Oriented QA

The team is well worse with agile methodology using tools like Atlassian Jira for the testing life cycle of the product. That will provide visibility and quantifiable progress of the product feature completeness transparently to the end customer with minimal process overhead.

Lab Infrastructure for validation & verification