HW Design Service

Along with our turnkey HW services we also offer customize HW design services based on the need of the customer. We have the capability to pair up with customer’s existing teams and help them with the desired HW services as part of their extended HW team. Our team is well versed with various tools like Altium, OrCAD, Allegro which are the primary tools generally used for HW.

HW Architecture & BOM Finalization


This is the very first step of any HW product design. We assist our customers in developing HW architecture based on their concept and desired targeted budget. This process is the most important one as it finalizes all class A components that suffice the functionality of the product within an optimized floor plan at the targeted BOM cost. This phase requires in-depth experience and knowledge of various class A components from different vendors, so the architect can choose a perfect fit to suffice the concept, form factor, and budget.


As a design house, we are associated with multiple class A vendors including semiconductor giants. We always keep our eyes open for the new addition to the SOC portfolio, so we can serve the best fit to end customers. We associated with multiple semiconductor companies to develop the EVK and solution kit for their upcoming solution, which gives us an edge to leverage our experience to build the best.


We have used SOC from Semiconductor companies like NXP, TI, Cypress, Dialog, STM, Nordic, Mediatek, Qualcomm, Renesas, Silicon Labs, Microchip, etc in our past projects. As a part of the architecture process, we also finalized the BOM(Bill of Materials) that helps to get a pulse of the targeted cost of the HW before we went through the actual design.

Hardware Architecture & Design

Schematic Design Services

HW Schematic Design:


We help our customers to design schematic based on the high-level product requirements defined by an architect. We go through multiple reviews to achieve “Right First Time” approach, as our engineers are highly sensitive about the cost of HW iteration. We maintain a traceability matrix and the reviewer goes through the requirements, so that the design is met with all the specified functionality. Our experienced team has the capability to design schematic of high-speed design with digital, analog, and Mixed-signal multilayer PCB.


Layout Design:


We have the capability of High-speed PCB layout for analog, digital, and mixed-signal boards for a variety of electronic systems and fields of application. Our team has experience in PCB design of HDI PCB with micro via, blind and buried via. We always try to fit the PCB in a minimum layer with a minimum footprint. We also understand the importance of working closely with the mechanical engineer to make sure that the form factor fits into the targeted area.


In the early stages of PCB design, we work in a close loop with a mechanical engineer to understand the need for the mechanical enclosure as well as we also share the spacing need of the PCB and the special need of any user interface (LED, Buttons, Touch panel, LCD, etc.) to avoid any gap and rework. We have experience in PCB design of Flex PCB, Rigid PCB and Mix (Flex+Rigid) PCB. After successful layout design, we took ownership to generate the Gerber file and resolve all engineering queries of the PCB manufacturing house for PCB fabrication and assembly.

Layout Design Services

BOM Cost Optimization

BOM Optimization:


All the products designed need to go through the BOM optimization from time to time, to be competitive. The BOM optimization needs to go through vendor negotiation, design optimization and identification of alternate components based on the need of the product. Sometimes there will be a very high lead time and production needs to be completed before that to meet market demand. In this condition, we help customers to identify the alternate components with no design change/minimum design change to support the production timeline.


Certain times, some of the products face component obsolete issues and in such cases, we help customers to redesign HW with minimal changes so that the customers can sell the product at the same price without compromising the functionality of the product. There also are cases where we help customers to merge multiple variants of HW products into a single PCB design and maintain versions by DNP of some of the components, which will save the significant cost of inventory.

Our Semiconductor Platform Capability


  • CC3200 Family MCU
  • CC2640 Family MCU
  • OMAP™ 4 Mobile Platform
  • OMAP™ 5 Mobile Platform
  • MSP430™ Family MCU
  • DM6446 Family SoC
  • DM365 Family Processor
  • Sitara™ AM335x Processors


  • i.MX 6 Family Processors
  • i.MX 7 Family Processors
  • i.MX 8M Family Processors
  • i.MX-RT600 Family Processors
  • JN51ULP Family MCU
  • KW41Z Family MCU
  • KW21Z Family MCU
  • PN7462 Family MCU


  • nRF52810 Family SoC
  • nRF52811 Family SoC
  • nRF52832 Family SoC
  • nRF52840 Family SoC
  • STM32 Family MPU
  • STM32 Family MCU
  • STM8 Family MCU
  • SPC5 Family MCU

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