End-To-End HW Service

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Concept Feasibility & Analysis

Evaluating the product’s use cases, production, and delivery possibilities.

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Product Architecture

Identifying the major functional aspects, including the technology, processes, vendors, rough design, and manufacturing costs

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Enclosure Design

Our designers control the entire process, from creating the concept to the final ready-to-use custom enclosures design.

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PCB Schematic & Layout Design

Developing a circuit design based on a functional diagram and choosing appropriate electrical components based on necessary functionalities

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Prototype : PCB Fabrication & Assembly

Helping customers choose a manufacturer. Monitoring the manufacturing process with the company that a customer has chosen. Locating bugs and developing bug-fixing strategies

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Pilot Batch Trial Production

We are able to manage the steps involved in getting ready for mass production, such as BOM optimization, logistics for components, and the mass manufacturing process

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Pre-Compliance & Certification

In the pre-compliance process, we go through all the tests mentioned in the specification of the targeted certification and make sure that all of them are passed locally.

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Mass Production

Our team of skilled professionals has extensive knowledge of production processes, supply chain management, and quality assurance, enabling us to deliver exceptional results.

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Sustenance Engineering

We handle vendor negotiation, design optimization and identification of alternate components to be competitive based on the need of the product

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