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Wearable with Wireless Charging Battery Pack

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Smart Wearable, Wireless Charging 



NXP PN7462 & Maxim 32660



C Programing, Python, tkinter


NXP PN7462, FreeRTOS, Maxim 32660


MCUExpresso, Eclipse


Our Offerings:

Embedded driver development

Embedded firmware development

Integration & white box testing 

Embedded quality engineering

Automated test suite development




The client wants to develop the next generation of existing wearable with a new MCU platform and with the support of wireless charging. 


Engibrains designed and developed a solution to the existing standard battery pack which provides wireless charging capability as well as a communication bridge between PC to Wearable for data transfer, debugging, and firmware upgrade. Engibrains SW team built complete firmware of the battery pack which has ten peripherals, Partial firmware development of the wearable and also optimize the power. Engibrains QA team performed rigorous Integration and white box testing to make SW more reliable and stable. QA team also identified extensive 300+ Test case scenarios and automated them to make sure the quality of the SW developed.

Engibrains’ Role


Embedded SW Service

 – SW Architecture & Design

 – Driver development

 – Application firmware development

Embedded Quality Services

 – Define the Test plan

 – Identify the test cases

 – Test case execution across multiple test cycle

 – Automated test suite developemt

 – Power optimization

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