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Touch less Entry/Exit monitoring system based on Bluetooth 5.1

Bluetooth 5.1 Touchless Technology solution

Consumer, Automation Solution




Raspberry Pi





C Language, Python, Linux

Code composer studio(CCS)



Our Offerings:

Embedded Software Engineering

GUI Development 

Data Storage & Management 

QA Testing & Validation 



The client is looking for a solution to identify the entry and exit of individuals in the organization. Their requirement was to design and develop a solution that detects and log entry and exit of individual along with timing.


Engibrains designed and developed Raspberry Pi & TI CC2640R2 based Bluetooth 5.1 Touchless Technology solution. Every individual including employee, visitor & consultant wearing a BLE beacon-based identity card. We have designed a system that will detect and log the entry and exit of individuals along with timing.


Along with this, the receptionist can see the name of the individual on the display console and the administrator can access various reports regarding the entry/exit of the individual.


We have provided our engineering services for Embedded Software Engineering, GUI Development, Data Storage & Management, and QA Testing & Validation.

Engibrains’ Role


Bluetooth 5.1 based algorithm development to detect entry and exit
Database management and GUI development for visual and data storage
Testing and validation of the end to end system


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