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MISRA C Compliance using PC-lint



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Engibrains offered a MISRA-C/C++ compliance service to one of our customers who is developing safety-critical applications in the field of automotive(EV). Our firmware engineers have experience developing and implementing coding standards for embedded systems like MISRA-C. We effectively transformed what previously seemed to be a difficult task into a doable strategy for MISRA-C 2012 compliance by utilizing the broad knowledge of Engibrains. Our QA engineers reworked the customer’s source code and achieved compliance with the MISRA guidelines using the PC-lint tool. We incorporated MISRA-C 2012 compliance into our customer’s streamlined CI/CD pipeline with continuous testing. Our solid foundation in coding best practices, code reviews, static analysis, and MISRA C guidelines specifically contributes to the development of a more manageable and cost-efficient process for the customer.

Engibrains’ Role


Embedded Quality Services

 – Static Code Analysis

 – MISRA C Validation

 – Code Coverage Analysis

 – Dead Code Analysis

 – Memory Leak Analysis

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