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Micro-object detection camera platform for medical application


Image Processing, Health & Wellness



ARM® Cortex®-M4F, Onsemi image sensor 


PCB layer :

6 layer

PCB Size:

63.5mm X 63.5mm

Electronic Components:

100+ parts


Our Offerings:

Schematic Design (OrCAD)
PCB Layout design (OrCAD)
Proto development and Performace Testing

Embedded Driver Development
Embedded Firmware Development
Embedded PC Application Development



The client needs high throughput, low cost, and a small form factor camera platform that can feed RAW images to their proprietory AI/ML engine. In addition to that, there will be additional PC-based custom utilities required which can control(read/write) different parameters/modes of image sensors. The HW platform also needs to controls special external devices and provide power to them which helps to improve picture qualities. All the devices are connected with bus interfaces like I2C, SPI and GPIOs. There is another utility that needs to be developed that can be used to control/configure/monitor these external devices from the PC itself.


Engibrains offered ARM® Cortex®-M4F Microcontroller and ThreadX Os-based engineering solution which captures 4K resolution RAW 12 bit image in snapshot mode from the camera at 10FPS. There will be a windows-based library that can be exercised to provide RAW images to the AI/ML engine. There were separate utilities developed which control/configure/monitor image sensor and external devices. There were extensive test cases (total 200+ test cases) defined by Engibrain’s QA team to make sure the quality of the HW and SW developed.Team Engibrains has delivered working prototypes along with the desired throughput and feature set.

Engibrains’ Role


Embedded HW Services

 – Concept feasibility & Analysis

 – Product Architecture & review

 – Schematic design

 – Layout design

 – Component procurement, PCB Fabrication & Assembly

 – Board Bring-up and validation

Embedded SW Service

 – SW Architecture & Design

 – Driver development

 – Application firmware development

 – PC based application development

 – PC based utility development

Embedded Quality Services

 – Define the Test plan

 – Identify the test cases

 – Test case execution across multiple test cycle

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