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Custom SDK Development Over NFC Stack


Wireless Charging



NXP PN7462, FreeRTOS



C Programing, Python, tkinter



MCUExpresso, J-link Segger, Eclipse


Our Offerings:

Embedded Firmware Engineering

GUI Development 

Application Development

QA Testing & Validation 



The customer looking to develop a custom SDK firmware on top of the existing NFC stack. Along with this solution going to be used for the standardization of wireless charging of specific segments of appliances. Their specific requirement also includes UI based demonstration application and utility to exercise all the commands which are part of SDK.


Engibrains developed a complete SDK Firmware for Reader/Writer, T4T, T2T. Our Engineers achieve data transfer rate optimization of 200% compare to the reference implementation and up to 25% higher than required by the standard. Along with this SW engineers also developed UI based Emulation Application for end-to-end demo and UI based utility to exercise all the commands.

Engibrains’ Role


Embedded SW Service

 – SW Architecture & Design

 – Driver development

 – Application firmware development

 – Application firmware development

 – Emulation application development

Embedded Quality Services

 – Define the Test plan

 – Identify the test cases

 – Test case execution across multiple test cycle

 – Automated test suite development

 – Data transfer speed optimization

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