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Connected Welding Machine

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IIOT, Edge processing



i.MXRT + Cypress (CYW4343W) + NXP KW41Z



C, Node JS, HTML5, Angular JS





Our Offerings:

Embedded Hardware Engineering

Embedded Firmware Engineering

Prototype Testing & Board BrigUp

Cloud Application Development

Embedded Quality Engineering



One of our industrial clients wants to monitor High Voltage & High Current data of its traditional welding device for usage analytics purposes from a remote location.  


Engibrains offered a solution that measures high voltage (30 v to 40v) and high current(250 to 450 amp) at the output side of the welding machine. This measurement will be captured automatically during arc start & stop. Our agile cloud team builds a web application where all the reading will be sent and converted into useful analytics. The supervisor and owner of the welding machine can see useful data on the web dashboard using a PC/laptop.

Engibrains’ Role


Embedded HW Services

 – Concept feasibility & Analysis

 – Product Architecture & review

 – Schematic design

 – Layout design

 – Component procurement, PCB Fabrication & Assembly

 – Board Bring-up and validation

Embedded SW Service

 – SW Architecture & Design

 – Driver development

 – Application firmware development

 – Cloud application development

Embedded Quality Services

 – Define the Test plan

 – Identify the test cases

 – Test case execution across multiple test cycle

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