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Conformance Test Suite development for EV Chargers Based on DIN 70122 Standards with TTCN


Automotive, EV



Qualcomm PLC, AVR xxx



C, C++, TTCN – 3



Eclipse, Visual Studio, Titan-3


Our Offerings:

Embedded Application Development

Embedded Quality Engineering

Protocol Stack Validation

Automated Test Suite Development



Combined Charging System (CCS) is a core enabling technology for fast charging EVs for future Smart Grid integration, but the interoperability between the vehicles and the chargers made by multiple vendors is crucial for the success of the technology. The client needs Automated Test Suite to conduct CCS conformance & interoperability tests for the electric vehicle charger in accordance with the standards DIN 70121. Engibrains QA team designed a Test Suite for CCS conformance testing with the standards DIN 70121 which can be operated in Automated or Semi-automated mode using CLI application. Our test system leverages the TTCN-3 framework for its flexibility and productivity.


Engibrain’s QA team defined extensive test cases (total 168 test cases) as per the standards DIN 70121 which uses XML schemas to make sure the quality of the HW and SW developed. Our SW team designed multiple sub adapters that independently work for communication, encoding/decoding of specified message types and logging the test execution. Along with this, We have implemented multiple custom codecs such as V2G/EXI, V2GTP/EXI, V2TPSDP/EXI to convert V2G messages to XML schemas and vise versa in 20% lesser execution time. The test suite also includes a global configuration feature that holds different configurations and preconditions to test different requirements of PICS/PIXIT(AC/DC modes) configurations in test cases.

Engibrains’ Role


Embedded SW Service

– Embedded Application Development
– PC based CLI interface Development

Embedded Quality Services

– Define the Test plan
– Identify the test cases

– Test Automation framework design and implementation 

– Test case execution across multiple test cycle
– Detailed test case summary report 

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