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Cellular Tower Monitoring Gateway

Cellular Tower Monitoring Gateway-01

Industrial Automation



STM32F & ESP32 and FreeRTOS


PCB layer :

4 layer

PCB Size:

120mm X 107mm

Electronic Components:

300+ parts


Our Offerings:

Schematic Design (OrCAD)
PCB Layout design (OrCAD)
Prototype production and bring up

Embedded Firmware engineering

Embedded Quality engineering

Web Application development




Our Customer is looking for an industrial low-cost Gateway to monitor various parameters of a cell tower from a centralized location. Along with this customers need a solution that allows their operation managers, infrastructure managers, and network engineers to monitor and control various scenarios such as power source cut-off, fuel tank level, and temperature.


Engibrains teams have designed and developed an industrial low-cost Gateway that monitors defined parameters of cell towers from centralized locations. This device monitor/control power source cut-off, fuel tank level, and temperature information of cell towers. This data will be sent to the cloud. The administrator can see all analytics in the cloud to monitor the health of the cellular tower. Our solutions make it easier for customers to monitor and control their telecom assets remotely, regardless of their geographic location.

Engibrains’ Role

Embedded HW Services

 – Concept feasibility & Analysis

 – Product Architecture & review

 – Schematic design

 – Layout design

 – Component procurement, PCB Fabrication & Assembly

 – Board Bring-up and validation

Embedded SW Service

 – SW Architecture & Design

 – Driver development

 – Application firmware development

 – Web application development

Embedded Quality Services

 – Define the Test plan

 – Identify the test cases

 – Test case execution across multiple test cycle

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