Application Development

The application is the last layer of OS where the developer leverages all the available components(library and SDK) and integrates them in a way to develop business logic for the targeted use cases. Application development requires in-depth knowledge of the domain, targeted use-case and good power of articulating customer’s low-level requirements. While writing the code of the application, a developer should keep security, modularity, reusability, platform independency and scalability in mind. In addition to that, it requires a study on all SW components need to be interfaced to identify what all functionality can be leveraged by APIs.

 Our Key Services

Console based application

GUI based application

Application as Linux services

Performance & Memory optimization

Application migration with the new version of SW components

Application migration to different Hardware platforms

 OS platforms for Application Development 

Windows (PC-Platform)
Linux (PC-Platform)
Embedded Linux (Customized HW Platform)
Amazon FreeRTOS

Our Semiconductor Platform Capability


  • CC3200 Family MCU
  • CC2640 Family MCU
  • OMAP™ 4 Mobile Platform
  • OMAP™ 5 Mobile Platform
  • MSP430™ Family MCU
  • DM6446 Family SoC
  • DM365 Family Processor
  • Sitara™ AM335x Processors


  • i.MX 6 Family Processors
  • i.MX 7 Family Processors
  • i.MX 8M Family Processors
  • i.MX-RT600 Family Processors
  • JN51ULP Family MCU
  • KW41Z Family MCU
  • KW21Z Family MCU
  • PN7462 Family MCU


  • nRF52810 Family SoC
  • nRF52811 Family SoC
  • nRF52832 Family SoC
  • nRF52840 Family SoC
  • STM32 Family MPU
  • STM32 Family MCU
  • STM8 Family MCU
  • SPC5 Family MCU

Case Studies