Pre-compliance and Certifications

For any HW product, the last stage is certification before it goes to the mass market. There are various types of certifications, and deciding which certifications to go for depends on the targeted country and targeted domain of the product. There is a specific institution that drives the certification criteria and it has authorized a number of labs across the world to conduct the predefined automated/semi-automated or manual tests to verify the compliance of the product with respect to the requirement of the standards. For most of the certifications there is a set of documents and prototypes that need to be given to the labs and the labs to share the test reports.


In general, the lab will charges significantly to carry out the compliance testing with respect to the applied certification. If there is even a minor violation against the compliance then that product needs to be rectified and then needs to appear again for the certification to the lab. Each iteration is highly expensive.


Engibrains adheres to the standard practices at the time of HW design, which not only helps for smooth compliance but also minimizes the possibility of HW iterations. We generally go for pre-compliance before appearing for certification. In the pre-compliance process, we go through all the tests mentioned in the specification of the targeted certification and make sure that all of them are passed locally. For some of the pre-compliance tests, we also need a special and expensive instrument/setup. We exercised some of the external agencies to have such instrument/setup limited time, which will save cost and time for the entire duration of the certification process.

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