HW Prototyping

Our HW prototyping services are designed to help the customers in the early phase of product development. During the early phase of the product, generally the customer is ready with the concept thoughts and we enable them with a prototype for Proof of Concept(POC). We deliver a non-form factor or form factor HW prototype which enables customers to get the next level of funding/go-ahead from potential investors/senior management.


Under this service, we took entire ownership of the working HW prototype including HW design, BOM preparation, component procurement, PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, HW validation, HW bring up and pre-certifications depending on the need of the customer. Additionally, we have an in-house SW team that aids in the qualification of class A components from the perspective of necessary SW support. The SW engineers also contribute during HW bring-up to make sure all peripherals work as per the expectations.


From Paper-thoughts to Prototype


Concept Feasibility & Analysis


Product Architecture & Review 

PCB Schematic & Layout Design


BOM Optimization

PCB Fabrication

PCB Assembly


Board Bring Up & Testing


Pre-Compliance & Certification 

What we deliver

Working Hardware Prototype


A fully functional hardware prototype as per the quantity agreed upon

Hardware Design Files


Soft copies of various hardware design files (Schematic files, layout files, gerber files)

Our Semiconductor Platform Capability


  • CC3200 Family MCU
  • CC2640 Family MCU
  • OMAP™ 4 Mobile Platform
  • OMAP™ 5 Mobile Platform
  • MSP430™ Family MCU
  • DM6446 Family SoC
  • DM365 Family Processor
  • Sitara™ AM335x Processors


  • i.MX 6 Family Processors
  • i.MX 7 Family Processors
  • i.MX 8M Family Processors
  • i.MX-RT600 Family Processors
  • JN51ULP Family MCU
  • KW41Z Family MCU
  • KW21Z Family MCU
  • PN7462 Family MCU


  • nRF52810 Family SoC
  • nRF52811 Family SoC
  • nRF52832 Family SoC
  • nRF52840 Family SoC
  • STM32 Family MPU
  • STM32 Family MCU
  • STM8 Family MCU
  • SPC5 Family MCU

Case Studies